OFF2000: Lista de errores corregidos en el Service Pack 2 de Office 2000


Este artículo es una lista de los problemas corregidos en el Service Pack 2 de Office 2000.
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276367 OFF2000: Cómo obtener el Service Pack más reciente de Office 2000

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246953 BUG: Access 2000 Quit Method Leaves Access Running
255901 ACC2000: New Data in an ADP File Is Displayed Incorrectly in a Text Box That Has a Default Value
257589 ACC2000: Fixed Width Fonts in Reports Are Printed Incorrectly
269698 ACC2000: Slow Response Opening a Form in Design View
271249 ACC2000: Cannot Print Non-ASCII Unicode Characters
276270 DataSourceControl ConnectionTimeOut Property Is Ignored
280433 ACC2000: Unexpected Project Corruption in Access Database
280521 ACC2000: "Save Record" Toolbar Button Is Unavailable When AllowEdits Property Is Set to No (False)


200363 OFF2000: El Cuaderno de Office se bloquea después de cerrar una Vista
246553 OFF2000: Rendering of Dashed Lines in Embedded Chart or Graph Is Inconsistent
252730 XL2000: Justify Command Does Not Insert Spaces Between Text from Each Cell
259347 XL2000: Error Message: ORA-00923:FROM Keyword Not Found Where Expected
262113 XL2000: Labels on XY Scatter Graphs Disappear in Print Preview
262472 Graph 2000: Graph Font Changes from Sans Serif to Serif
262742 XL2000: On Error Resume Next Takes Longer to Run Than in Excel 97
264517 XL: Linked Charts Lose Custom Colors When You Update Source Data
264658 XL2000: Format Painter Causes Excel to Stop Responding If Date Watch Add-in Is Enabled
264712 XL2000: Access Violation Error Running VBA Code with UserForm, SaveCopyAs and Save Functions
265018 XL2000: Cell Formulas Change When You Copy a Worksheet with an Embedded Chart
265023 XL2000: Memory Leak When Excel Calculates User-Defined Functions
265311 XL: Excel 95 Auto_xxxx Defined Name Values Change When Imported into Excel 97 or 2000
268524 XL2000: Server Application Cannot Be Found When You Open Embedded Excel Object
269071 XL2000: JPN: Excel Crashes When You Type Two-Digit Number and Character
269252 XL2000: Update Available for the Excel 2000 SR-1 REGISTER.ID Function Vulnerability
269521 XL2000: No Error Message Returned to VBA on Failed Save
269679 XL2000: "Do You Want to Save the Changes You Made to { ?" in French Excel 2000
271900 XL2000: JPN: PivotTable of OLAP Data Does Not Display Data Correctly
273559 XL2000: Spelling Checker Does Not Offer Suggestions for Some Misspelled Words That Word 2000 Does


248402 FP2000: Unable to Open a Web in FP2000 Using an IP Address
251201 FPSE Image Maps Incorrect with Include Page Component
272091 FP2000: Style Sheet Links Feature Reformats Entire Web If the Active Page Is an ASP Page


223731 OL2000: Custom Form Converts to a One-Off Form When You Change the Message Options
238765 OL2000: Some Control Properties Create One-Off Forms
249318 OL2000: Meeting Information Is Not Updated Correctly
249319 OL: Cut, Copy, and Paste Commands Do Not Work in a Custom Form
251934 OL2000: Imported .csv File Does Not Handle X.400 Address Types
252365 OL2000: Retrieving an LDAP Certificate Through Multiple Levels of a Certificate Chain
254502 OL2000: Rules Continue to Run on Personal Folders File
256036 OL2000: Schedule+ Calendar Does Not Open with Outlook 2000
256980 OL2000: Custom Field Does Not Display Large Amounts of Text
257588 OL2000: When You Export Calendar Information to a .pst File the Invitation Sent Flag Is Not Saved
257650 OL2000: Memory Leak in Loop Accessing Collaboration Data Objects
257793 OL2000: An Extra Value Is Added When You Move to Another Field in Forms
257913 OL: Outlook May Leave Messages in Your Outbox When Originally Composed by a Delegate
257927 OL2000: The PrepareForm and ShowForm Functions Do Not Work
257968 OL2000: Meeting Requests Are Not Processed in a Timely Manner
258247 OL2000:You Cannot Get Some Recurring Appointments When You Use the Restrict Method in Greenwich Mean Time
258584 OL2000: (IMO) Outlook Stops Responding When You Switch Between IMAP Folders
258754 OL2000: Imported iCalendar or vCalendar Appointments Have the Wrong Time
259242 OL2000: Attendee Names Are Corrupted When You Exceed the Available Space in the All Attendees Box
260573 XCLN: Copy and Paste of Appointments in Outlook 2000 Can Cause Duplicate Calendar Entries
261312 OL2000: Print Preview Does Not Display Appointments
262405 OL2000: Outlook Process Still Running After Clicking Exit and Log Off When Custom Form Is Copied in Category View
262409 OL2000: "ActiveX Control is not safe" Error Message When You Switch Between Folder Home Pages that Contains An Unsigned ActiveX Control
262510 OL2000: Printed Calendar Does Not Include All Appointments
262611 OL2000: Password Expires with No Prompt to Change Password
262701 OL2000: Developer Information About the Outlook E-mail Security Update
262870 OL2000: Outlook Stops Responding After You Install Personal Folders File Backup Add-in
262922 OL2000: You Can View Private Appointments With Reviewer Permissions
263102 XCLN: Password Dialog Box for Domain Credentials Stops Responding in Remote Mail Wizard
264389 OL2000: An Encryption Failure Occurs When You Upgrade from Exchange Client 5.0 to Outlook 2000
264696 OL2000: Outlook Does Not Initialize the Memory for User-Defined Fields When the Field Is Not Displayed in the Current View
264997 OL2000: Error Message Displayed When Copying Messages in a Conversation View for External Forms
265012 OL2000: Some Date Formats Cause Error with Specific Dates in Japanese Version of Outlook 2000
265102 OL2000: Public Folder Calendar Not Refreshing Time Line View When Customized by Category
265150 OL2000: (CW) Corporate Workgroup LDAP Service Does Not Support SSL
265151 OL2000: Certificate Information from the Recipient Is Not Added to the Contact
265236 OL2000: OST Integrity Checker Reports Mismatch Errors in Sent Items
265486 OL2000: Response Form Posts to Drafts Folder Instead of Current Folder
265514 XCLN: English Version of Fix for Outlook 2000 Store Provider Memory Leak
265866 OL20: Fax Addresses for Your Contacts Are Not Updated Correctly
266165 OL2000: MAPI CopyFolder Presents Unicode Without Unicode Flag
266255 XCLN: Default Personal Folder File Creation Path Needs to Be Configurable
266335 OL2000: Outlook Body Part Handling Strips Carriage Returns Off of Messages Incoming from AUTODIN
267946 OL2000: Unable to Set Offline Synchronization Flag by Using Collaboration Data Objects and Outlook Object Model with Outlook 2000
268324 XCLN: Changing Parent Distinguished Name Lists Causes Corrupted Offline Address Books
268978 OL2000: The Outcmd.dat File Increases When You Add Custom Command Bars
269047 OL2000: Outlook Quits When You Access a VBA Generated Toolbar
269289 OL98: A CR/LF Character Is Added to a Message When You Save in the Drafts Folder
269485 OL2000: Item_Write() and Dragging New Calendar Entry Causes Outlook Shutdown Hang
269781 OL2000: Outlook Does Not Migrate Rules When You Upgrade
270045 OL2000: The "Retrieve Headers" Download Is Systematic for All Messages
270607 OL2000: An Activated Embedded Java Applets Stops Outlook
270925 OL2000: Changes to the E-Mail Security Patch Do Not Apply When Messages Are Delivered to a PST File
271831 OL2000: Outlook Quits When You Modify the Send Options
272087 OL2000: Outlook Deletes Items When You Run the Move to Folder Command
272290 OL2000: Outlook Performs Load Balancing with Global Catalog Servers
273505 OL2000: The Keyboard Changes to Hebrew Language When You Select a Name in the GAL or Contact List
273507 OL2000: Some Attachments Are Not Blocked by the Outlook E-mail Security Update
273830 OL2000: The Out of Office Message Is Sent in Shift-Jis in the Japanese Version of Outlook
273938 OL2000: Send Options Are Not Available for Contacts
274120 OL2000: Meeting Location Does Not Display Correctly
274132 OL2000: Outlook Cannot Open an Item Marked Private After You Move It to a Personal Folder
274259 OL2000: (IMO) Outlook Quits When an IMAP Server Has Identical Folder Names in Different Cases
274298 OL2000: The End Call Button Is Not Available for Contacts
274778 OL2000: Long Name Attachment Causes Outlook to Stop Responding
275162 OL2000: The Attachment Name Is Lost When You Send Messages With a X400 Connection
275462 Outlook Does Not Exit After You Open an Embedded Object
275894 OL2000: Messages that Are Autoforwarded from an X.400 MTA Display As Deleted
275902 OL2000: The French Version of Outlook Does Not Display the Tasks View Properly
276517 OL2000: Recurring Meeting Cancelled for Resource When Meeting Organizer Cancels Single Appointment
277823 OL2000: Integrated File Management (IFM) Cause Views to Corrupt

Servidor Web de Office

272091 FP2000: Style Sheet Links Feature Reformats Entire Web If the Active Page Is an ASP Page


226787 PPT2000: Changing the Default Language Setting Does Not Appear to Work
238192 PPT2000: Linked Pictures Lost When Unpacking Presentation
244609 PPT97: Unable to Save Presentation After a Second User Opens Same Presentation
257823 PPT2000: Cannot Ungroup Inserted Amigo 2000 Charts
259894 XCLN: Error Message Closing PowerPoint Presentation from Public Folder
262966 PPT2000: Error Message: The Web Page You Requested Is Not Available Offline
263941 PPT2000: Pasted Slide Does Not Apply Formatting from Notes Master
264727 PPT2000: Promote/Demote Don
264926 PPT2000: Screen Saver Is Reset to None After You Run .PPS or Use /s Switch
268447 PPT2000: Programs Can Be Run While You View a Web Page or HTML Message
270691 PPT2000: PowerPoint Quits Unexpectedly or Stops Responding When You Run Slide Show


260191 OFF97: Open Polylines Are Changed to Rectangles When You Edit Picture
264709 OFF2000: Characters Are Displayed Upside Down When You Insert EMF
265305 XL2000: Workbook Corrupted If You Delete, Copy, and Save in Macro Procedure
265515 WD2000: Slovak Name for Month of March Incorrect in Some Date Formats
270141 OFF2000: Photo Editor Does Not Use Default Printer
271400 OFF2000: Buffer Overflow When You Open a Malformed HTML File


211204 WD2000: DocProperty Field Truncated After 127 Characters
240795 WD2000: Date/Time Form Fields Not Converted Correctly from Word 97
248640 WD2000: CAPS LOCK Key Stops Responding with French Keyboard Driver Installed
248644 WD2000: "Run-Time Error 4605: This Command Is Not Available" When You Use PageSetup Property
248651 WD2000: Table with Header Rows Appears Damaged in Multicolumn Document
249858 WD2000: Incorrect Bookmark Names for Form Fields in Vertical Table Cells
250394 WD2000: Word Document in Frame in Internet Explorer Freezes After Editing
253652 WD2000: File Size Increases When Word Document Is Embedded as ActiveX Document
253970 WD2000: Leading Zeros Are Ignored in Number Form Field Format
255259 OL2000: Outlook Stops Responding When You Use Word as Your E-mail Editor
255970 WD2000: Word Stops Responding When Communicating with OLE1 OCX Through DDE to VBA Form
256901 OFF2000: Invalid Page Fault When You Try to Print from Photo Editor
256903 WD2000: Day Name Is Incorrect in Document After You Save It As Word 6.0/95 or HTML
259320 WD2000: Inline Graphic Images Are Lost When You Save Document as HTML
261158 WD2000: Access Violation When You Use CommandBarButtonEvents Click Event Handler
262028 WD2000: Font Size Changes When You Open RTF File from Earlier Word Versions
262633 OFF2000: Templates Do Not Appear in New Dialog Box
263521 WD2000: Invalid Page Fault When You Split Cells with "Merge Cells Before Split" Turned Off
263686 WD2000: Word Stops Responding When You Open or Edit a Document That Contains a List
263911 WD2000: Table Borders Are Dropped When You Open Document Saved as .rtf
264705 WD2000: Program Error Message When You Update Table of Contents (German Word)
264706 WD2000: Vertical Changed-Line Bars Are Printed Incorrectly After You Revise a Table
265007 WD2000: General Protection Fault After Word Automatically Corrects Text
265009 WD2000: Word 95 Document Is Changed to "Word Document" When Opened in Word 2000
265031 WD2000: Word 2000 SR-1 Mail Command Security Update Is Available
265269 WD2000: Hyphenation Stops Working in Word 2000 for Some European Languages
265319 WD2000: Footnote #1 Opens When You Double-Click Any Footnote in RTF Document
265516 WD2000: Width of Table Cells Changes When You Open Word 95, Word 97, or RTF Document
268073 WD2000: Localized Field Format Switches in Word 95 Documents Are Incorrect in Word 2000
268337 WD2000: Syntax Error When You Update SUM Fields in Word 97 Document
268525 WD2000: Documents Deleted When Opened Read-Only in ODMA Program
268895 WD2000: Negative Number on Macro Button Is Not Aligned at Decimal Tab
274226 WD2000: Macros Enabled When You Use Access Database File in Microsoft Word
274228 WD2000: Macros Enabled When Word Automatically Opens ASD Files
279222 WD2000: Word Stops Responding When You Use Polish Proofing Tools
280715 WD2000: Grammar Checker Suggests Incorrect Capitalization of "Mainland" or "Republic"

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