Office 2016 applications crash at startup if McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 is enabled

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Microsoft Office 2016 applications crash at startup when you have McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (Host IPS) 8.0 enabled on the client. When you examine the Application log in this situation, you find an instance of event ID 1000 together with a set of crash details that resemble one of the following:

Application Name:<Application name>.EXE
Fault Module Name: AppVIsvSubsystems32.dll
Fault Module Version: 5.0.10331.0
Offset: 0x0008A0AC

Application Name:<Application name>.EXE
Fault Module Name: AppVIsvSubsystems64.dll
Fault Module Version: 5.0.10331.0
Offset: 0x000000000009CC37

Note The <Application name> placeholder represents the name of the affected Office application, such as Outlook, OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, or Lync.


To fix this issue, make sure that your Office 2016 Click-to-Run installation is at version 16.0.6001.1038 or later. If it is not at this version or later, update your Office 2016 installation. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Start any Office application, such as Outlook or Word.
  2. Click File, and then click Office Account or Account.
  3. View the version that's listed under Office Updates.
  4. If the version is not at 16.0.6001.1038 or later, click Update Options, and then click Update Now.


If you can't install the update that's mentioned in the "Resolution" section, you can work around the issue by disabling the McAfee Host IPS API engine.

Warning This workaround may make a computer or a network more vulnerable to attack by malicious users or by malicious software such as viruses. We do not recommend this workaround but are providing this information so that you can implement this workaround at your own discretion. Use this workaround at your own risk.

For more information about this issue and the workaround, see the following McAfee article:

KB84265 Microsoft App-V 5.0 delivered applications may terminate or hang when Host IPS is enabled

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More Information

To review the Application log, follow these steps:

  1. In Control Panel, open the Administrative Tools item.
  2. Double-click Event Viewer.
  3. In the navigation pane on the left, select Application under Windows Logs.
  4. In the Actions pane on the right, click Filter Current Log.
  5. In the Filter Current Log dialog box, enter 1000 in the Includes/Excludes Event IDs field (as shown in the following screen shot), and then click OK.

    Filter Event Log 1000


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