Script doesn't run in a nested frameset in Microsoft Edge


When Microsoft Edge is running in Windows 10 version 1511, a script in a nested frameset may not run correctly.

For example, consider the following scenario:
  • The main.htm section has two frames: A.htm and B.html.
  • B.html has two frames: C.html and D.html.
  • In C.html, there's a link (<A> tag) to B.html. And C.html has a <script> tag in the <HEAD> tag, and that script is called from the body.onload event. That script uses the document.write() element for writing HTML.
The first time that a link (<A> tag) is clicked in C.html in this scenario, the script in C.html does not work. Additionally, the HTML that's written by document.write() is not displayed as expected.


Microsoft has confirmed this problem with the products listed in the "Applies To" section and is currently investigating.


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