You cannot sign in to Money 2002, Money 2003, or Money 2004 by using your Windows Live ID credentials

If you've been managing your finances with the help of Microsoft Money, you should be aware that Microsoft discontinued all online services and assisted support for all versions of Money on January 31, 2011. (Microsoft discontinued sales of Money on June 20, 2009.) If you're looking for an alternative program, Microsoft has made the Money Plus Sunset versions available as a replacement for the following expired programs: Microsoft Money Essentials, Microsoft Money Deluxe, Microsoft Money Premium, Microsoft Money Home, and Microsoft Money Business. For more information about Money Plus Sunset, refer to this article in the Microsoft Knowledge base: What Is Microsoft Money Plus Sunset?


When you use your Windows Live ID credentials to sign in to a Money data file in Microsoft Money 2002, in Money 2003, or in Money 2004, you receive one of the following error messages:
Your sign-in information could not be verified. Go online or select the Work offline check box, and then reenter your sign-in information.
Money is unable to verify your online sign in. Money will try to log you in using work offline.

The sign in attempt for username@e-mail_server_address was unsuccessful. Please try your sign in name and password again.
The username@e-mail_server_address placeholder represents your e-mail address. For example, the address may be

Note The Windows Live ID credentials are the e-mail address and the password that you use to sign in.


This issue occurs because Money 2004 and earlier versions of Money use an earlier version of the Microsoft Passport Network that Money will no longer support as of July 31, 2008.

Note "Microsoft Passport Network" is an obsolete term, and the current term is "Windows Live ID." However, you will find references to Microsoft Passport Network in Money Help and in the Money user interface (UI).

Additionally, online service support for Money 2005 ended on November 30, 2007. You may encounter issues that resemble the issue that is documented in the "Symptoms" section because the online service support has ended. To prevent this issue in Money 2005, follow the methods in the "Workaround" section.


Method 1: Remove your Windows Live ID credentials from the data file

To work around this issue, sign in to Money in the offline mode, and then remove your Windows Live ID credentials.

Note Money 2002 requires you to sign in online in order to change or remove your Passport. Therefore, this method will not work if you try it after July 31, 2008. You must upgrade to a newer version of Money in order to remove your Passport.

To do this, follow these steps.

Note Remove your Windows Live ID credentials from any Money backup data files. You must restore each file individually, and then you must remove the Windows Live ID credentials from the restored data file by using the steps in this section. Make sure that you make a copy of your original file before you restore a backup file. This will help prevent you from unintentionally overwriting your original data file with the restored backup file.

For more information about how to restore your Money backup files and about where to find them, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

178850 How to restore a backup file in Microsoft Money

  1. Start Money.
  2. On the Sign in to open your Money file page, type your Windows Live ID credentials, select the Work Offline check box, and then click Next

    Note If you recently changed your Windows Live ID password before you used Money, make sure that you use the last password that worked with Money.
  3. On the File menu, click Password Manager (for Money 2002, click Login Lockbox), and then click Remove.

    Note If you are prompted to disable MSN Money Web access, complete those steps, and then repeat step 3.
  4. Click Disable this Passport for use in Money, and then click Next.
  5. Click Finish, and then wait for the credentials change process to be completed.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Exit Money.
Note You can add a standard Money password to your data file if you want.

Method 2: Upgrade to the current version of Microsoft Money

To work around this issue if you are based in the United States, Canada, or Japan, you may also want to upgrade to a more recent version of Microsoft Money.

Additionally, you can download and install a trial version of Microsoft Money Plus. To do this, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
  • The Money Essentials version is intended for new users. This version does not convert earlier versions of Money data files.
  • These editions of Money are available to U.S. customers only. These versions of Money cannot convert Money data files that are created by international versions of Money.


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