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Mastering Internet Development: README FileWelcome to Mastering Internet Development. This file contains additionalinformation about Mastering Internet Development not included in the onlineHelp.The World Wide Web is an evolving phenomena, with new ideas andtechnologies being created daily. The Mastering Series team has taken thisinto account and extensively tested this title with the latest tools andtechnologies. However, because of the dynamic nature of the Web, you mayexperience performance or configuration problems using this title,depending upon your hardware, software, or internet connectivitycombinations. For instance, based on your Internet service provider or thetype of proxy server you're running, you may not be able to take advantageof the Internet connectivity features of this course. The Mastering Seriesteam will continue to test this product and post the latest information onour Product Web Site.Please be sure to check out the Mastering Internet Development Product Webpage. Choose the Product Web Site command from the Help menu to jump to it.This README information will be updated on the Product Web page.This README file contains important and helpful information on thefollowing topics:Section   Description1  Send Us Your Feedback2  Setup Issues3  Operating System Issues4  Removing Mastering Internet Development5  Using the Title's Internet Features6  Potential Problems Running this Title7  Performance Issues8  Hardware Problems9  Printing Problems10 Microsoft Tools included on the CD11 Technical Support12 Generic Multimedia InformationTo read this file on-screen, use the PAGE DOWN and PAGE UP keys. You canalso print the file by choosing the Print command from the File menu invirtually any Windows-based word processing program.1 Send Us Your Feedback=======================We welcome your feedback. Let us know how Mastering Internet Developmenthas helped you gain expertise in creating solutions. You can reach us viaany of the following:Internet: devtrain@microsoft.comMail:   Mastering Series Products        Microsoft Corporation        One Microsoft Way        Redmond, WA 98052-6399Fax:    (425) 936-7329        Attn: Mastering Internet DevelopmentPlease note that we receive a number of suggestions and comments regardingMicrosoft products and are unable to respond directly to each one. However,be assured that your recommendations, ideas, and remarks are recorded andwill help shape future versions of our Mastering Series products.2 Setup Issues==============The Setup program's default settings will load the Mastering InternetDevelopment title to your C: drive in the MID folder. You can assignapplication files to a different drive; however, Setup will copy as much as8.5 MB of system files to your WINDOWS\SYSTEM subdirectory.Because Mastering Internet Development installs system files that may beshared with other applications, you must shut down other applications,including Microsoft Office, before running Setup. If you have closed allother open applications and you encounter problems during Setup, make sureyour system meets the minimum requirements necessary to install MasteringInternet Development.Setup will not complete properly if you remove the Mastering InternetDevelopment CD-ROM during Setup, or attempt to start the application beforeSetup is complete.Internet Explorer 3.0 Beta 2To help you get onto the World Wide Web quickly, Mastering InternetDevelopment includes the Beta 2 version of Internet Explorer 3.0. Youshould install the most recent version of Internet Explorer as soon aspossible. Internet Explorer is available to download from the InternetExplorer page on the Microsoft Web site, RequirementsMastering Internet Development will run on the following minimal system;however, performance will improve with more RAM or a faster CD-ROM drive.- Personal computer with a 486DX or higher processor, running Windows 95- 8 MB of memory (16 MB or more recommended)- 10 MB of available hard-disk space (40 MB to work with lab files on  your hard drive)- MPC2-compatible CD-ROM drive- Super VGA or higher-resolution video adapter capable of displaying 256  colors or greater- Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device- MPC2-compatible audio board3 Operating System Issues=========================Microsoft Windows NT 3.51Mastering Internet Development runs under Microsoft Windows 95. It will notrun under Windows NT version 3.51. The reason for this is that MasteringInternet Development is dependent on Microsoft Internet Explorer version3.0 beta or later, which does not run under Windows NT version 3.51.Several lab exercises included in this title, however, require you to runWindows NT 3.51 or later, in order to run Microsoft Internet InformationServer. If you want to complete lab exercises that require Windows NT, andwant to have Mastering Internet Development running simultaneously, werecommend the you have two PCs; one functioning as a client machine, theother functioning as a server:Client PC- Windows 95- Internet Explorer 3.0 beta or later- Mastering Internet DevelopmentServer PC- Windows NT 3.51 or later- Microsoft Internet Information Server 1.0 or laterMicrosoft Windows NT 4.0 beta or laterWhen we released Mastering Internet Development,  Microsoft Windows NTversion 4.0 was in beta.  Because the beta status of Windows NT 4.0 at thetime Mastering Internet Development released, we do not offer productsupport for users attempting to run Mastering Internet Development underWindows NT 4.0.If you want to run Mastering Internet Development on a PC running WindowsNT 4.0 beta or later, we recommend you do so on a test machine, that doesnot contain any work-critical data or applications.  We will not offerproduct support to users running Mastering Internet Development underWindows NT 4.0 beta or later.4 Removing Mastering Internet Development=========================================To remove Mastering Internet Development from your computer, run Setupagain and choose Remove All. You can also uninstall Mastering InternetDevelopment by running the Add/Remove Programs application in the ControlPanel.You may also need to do the following:- Delete the Mastering Internet Development shortcut. If you moved the  shortcut to a different folder after installing the application, Setup  will not be able to detect the new shortcut location or delete it.  After running Setup (with Remove All), go to Windows Explorer and  delete the shortcut(s).- Delete the MID directory. The MID directory (or the directory you  specified as the destination directory during Setup) will not be  removed because it may contain files that you modified. If you did a  Complete installation, two subdirectories were added: "Lists" and  "Labs." If you worked on any of the labs or added topics to the  Notebook, that information is saved in those subdirectories. If you  still want to remove these directories,  you can delete them by going  to Windows Explorer, selecting the directory, and pressing DELETE.WarningWhen running Setup with the Uninstall option you may receive a dialog boxwith a warning about deleting a shared file. This dialog only occurs whenSetup prepares to remove a file that another application may use. If youremove the file, be aware that other unregistered applications that usethat same file may no longer run correctly.5 Using the Title's Internet Features=====================================Mastering Internet Development includes the following Internet features:Launching URLsThis product contains Universal Resource Locators (URLs) that allow you tojump to information on the Internet. URL addresses change over time as Websites and pages are added, deleted, modified, and moved. To keep theMastering Internet Development title current, a URL jump table has beenimplemented in the title. Whenever you click on an URL jump in the title,the table resolves this request to an Internet URL, then launches InternetExplorer to locate that resource.Product UpdateThe Product Update feature allows you to modify the title's URL jump table.If a URL link fails, or you suspect it has changed, use the Product Updatecommand from the File menu to update this table from the Internet. Pleasenote that after you use this command, you may need to restart the MasteringInternet Development title to see any changes in the content. If you havequestions about using the Product Update feature, consult the Help file.Product Web SiteUse the Product Web Site command from the Help menu to jump to theMastering Internet Development Web page. This page will contain any futureerrata information, and pointers to additional information.6 Potential Problems Running this Title=======================================This section describes problems you may experience when running MasteringInternet Development.- Beta Software: Some of the material in this course is based on  pre-released versions of Microsoft Internet tools and operating  systems. There may be discrepancies between information referenced in  the course and the released versions of these products.- Lab 4, Exercises 1 and 2: The Spin32 and MaskedEdit controls may not  self-register properly when downloaded by Internet Explorer Beta. This  will cause them to work incorrectly. If you have Microsoft Visual Basic  or Microsoft Visual C++, installing these products on the Client  computer will correctly register the controls.- Chapter 5, "Setting and Returning Properties Sample" sample code: The  Slider control may not self-register properly when downloaded by  Internet Explorer Beta. This will cause it to work incorrectly. If you  have Microsoft Visual Basic or Microsoft Visual C++, installing these  products on the Client computer will correctly register the control.- Lab 5, Optional Exercise: This exercise may not work correctly, due to  problems with the HTML Select control in the Beta version of Internet  Explorer.- Lab 9, Lab Solution: This lab requires installation of Microsoft  Exchange in order to install the OLE Messaging library. If you do not  have Microsoft Exchange installed on your machine, you will receive the  VB error "Can't find project or library" when trying to send e-mail  using the lab solution application.- User Profiles: If you change User Profiles in Windows 95 after  installing this course, you should continue to log onto your machine  with the same username you used when installing the course. Different  users who have altered the default User Profiles settings may  experience a path error dialog when restarting the course. Using the  original username will avoid this problem.- Library Articles: Library articles included in this title are not  edited by the Mastering Internet Development team. You may encounter  documentation errors, references to page numbers or files, and  formatting problems. Addresses, phone numbers, and other contact  information appearing in this title may have changed since the time of  publication.- Topic Titles: Some of the topic titles in the application will be cut  off when running Mastering Internet Development in lower display  resolutions.- Palette Flash:  Palette flashes can occur when switching between  Mastering Internet Development and other running applications, and when  starting or stopping animations and demos.- Graphics: This title is designed to run on machines capable of  displaying 256 colors or more. Though the title does run on systems  displaying 16 colors, there is a noticeable drop in image quality. Some  large graphics may display out of the window when running the title at  640 x 480 resolution. It is recommended that you run this application  in 800 x 600 mode or greater. The graphic viewer in this application  allows you to toggle graphics between large and small views. By  clicking on the viewer, you can change the size of the graphic. The  viewer will remain the size that you last viewed a graphic. If an image  appears distorted or compressed, click in the graphic viewer to make  sure you are viewing the entire image. Note that some small graphics do  not change size.- Navigation and Topic areas:  If using keyboard keys to navigate through  the Table of Contents or the Topic area, you may need to manually  change the focus of the application, depending on the content you want  to affect. You can change the focus by clicking on the area you want to  navigate. On some systems, the vertical scroll bar may change size when  scrolling through topics and labs, or navigating through the Table of  Contents.- Printing: The media represented by icons in the text area (graphics,  sample code, tips, and answers) will not print when printing the  current screen. To print this information, choose Print when the media  is displayed in the active window. If you experience problems printing  over a network, consult your network administrator to make sure your  printer settings are correct. Solutions for common printing problems  are described in Section 8 of this README file, "Printing Problems." If  you choose to print the Glossary, the entire Glossary will be printed.- Text: Mastering Internet Development uses your system settings to  display some foreground and background colors. You may want to choose a  compatible display combination (such as the Windows Standard color  scheme) for best visual results. When displaying glossary popups within  the text, the application will sometimes lose focus. To remedy this,  click in the Topic area; focus will return to the application.- Video: .AVI files will only run if you've installed the Multimedia  options when setting up Windows 95. Setup will look for multimedia  options on your system and notify you if they are not installed. If  this is the case, you will need to install the appropriate options.  Even with appropriate hardware, you may experience long wait times  while video files are being loaded, and you may encounter errors in  audio/video synchronization during playback.7 Performance Issues====================There are several ways to make Mastering Internet Development run faster.Many of the methods described below are general tips that will improve theperformance of any application under Windows. Consult your Windows manualfor more details.Mastering Internet Development uses your computer's random access memory(RAM) to display pictures and play video and audio. If Mastering InternetDevelopment runs slowly or if you get error messages saying you are out ofmemory, you may not have enough RAM available. Here are some tips to makethe best use of your available memory:- Close all applications that you are not using.- Add more RAM (memory) to your computer. You can determine how much  memory is available by starting MS-DOS, typing mem and pressing ENTER.  This starts a program that will tell you how much memory you have. You  need at least 8 MB of RAM, and 16 MB is recommended.- If you are using more than 256 colors in your video display, you may  want to lower your video colors to 256. For instructions on how to  change your Windows display, consult your Windows documentation.For more details on improving performance, consult your Windows 95 and CD-ROM manuals.8 Hardware Problems===================In rare situations, Mastering Internet Development may encounter displayproblems when using accelerated video drivers, video drivers with more than256 colors, or high-resolution video drivers. One example of these problemsis a video display with garbled images. Another is a crash occurring whentrying to play a video. There are several things you can do if youencounter such problems:1. Most problems can be fixed by obtaining new drivers from your video cardmanufacturer. Contact the manufacturer of your video card to determine ifnewer versions are available. The manufacturer's phone number should be inthe manuals that came with your video card or personal computer. Anotheroption for obtaining updated drivers is the Microsoft Download service(MSDL), an electronic bulletin board that can be accessed by modem at (425)936-MSDL (425-936-6735).Drivers provided on MSDL are compressed with the PKWare utilities and arein the form of executable files (.EXE extension). It is best to downloadthe file or files you need into an empty directory on your hard disk or ablank formatted floppy. To decompress these drivers after downloading them,either:a. From Windows 95 Explorer, double-click on the filename that youdownloaded.-or-b. From the DOS prompt, change to the directory containing the downloadedfile, type the filename, and then press ENTER.2. An alternative to obtaining a new or updated display driver is to changeyour video mode to a standard video mode, such as 640 x 480 resolution with256 colors.To find out what video driver you are using, open Display from ControlPanel. In Windows 95, click on the Settings tab. Then click the ChangeDisplay Type button. Your display type will be listed there. Forinstructions on how to install or change drivers, click the Help button.9 Printing Problems===================Screen resolution and printer resolution are often not the same, so theresulting printout may not match the quality you see on the screen.If you encounter a general protection fault when you print a topic, checkyour printer driver. Switch to a more current version of the driver, if oneis available. Additionally, ensure that the printer is online and that youcan print to it from another application. If the problem persists, click onthe Property page for the Printer you are using. Choose the Fonts tab andclick on the method of downloading TrueType fonts that works best with yoursystem.If you are using an HP LaserJet printer, make sure that you have the mostcurrent printer driver, or try setting the printer resolution to 300 dpi(graphics may not print properly at 600 dpi).You should be able to print grayscale images from Mastering InternetDevelopment. If you have a black and white laser printer, you may need toupgrade your printer driver. Call the dealer from whom you bought theprinter or call the printer manufacturer.10 Microsoft Tools Included on CD=================================The following categories of Microsoft tools have been included on this CDin \MEDIA\TOOLS.- Internet Assistants- Viewers- Development Tools- Internet Information Server- ODBC DriversInstallation instructions for installing these tools directly from the CDare in the Microsoft Tools section of the Library. You should also checkthe Microsoft Web site,, to download the mostrecent versions of some of these tools.11 Technical Support====================For help on setup and product features:- Check Help.- Take the Tour, accessible through Help.- Check the Mastering Internet Development README file on the Product Web  Site.For phone support:- In the United States, no-charge support is available by making a toll  call between 6:00am and 6:00pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday,  excluding holidays.  Call (425) 635-7033.- In Canada, support engineers are available by making a toll call  between 8:00am and 8:00pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday,  excluding holidays.  Call (905) 568-3503.- Outside North America, contact your local Microsoft subsidiary.12 Generic Multimedia Information=================================For more information regarding Multimedia PCs (MPCs), MPC titles, and othergeneral multimedia topics of interest, please contact the MPC MarketingCouncil:Multimedia PC Marketing Council, Inc.1703 M Street, Suite 700Washington DC 20036(202) 452-1600For information regarding a specific MPC product, contact the manufacturerof that product.				


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