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El siguiente es un historial de versiones de Microsoft Project para Windows, comenzando por la versión más reciente de Microsoft Project.

Para obtener una lista de los cambios en los límites entre versiones, consulta las palabras siguientes en Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   feature and capacities				
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Version                Date-------------------------------Microsoft Project 98   10/30/97 System Requirements: - 12 MB memory under Windows 95 - 16 MB memory under Windows NT - Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT version 3.51 or later - 486 or higher processor - VGA or higher resolution video adapter - 20-40  MB of available hard-disk space Changes:                      -Project scheduling and tracking                         Custom time period tracking                         Task Usage and Resource Usage views                         Task splitting                         Effort-driven scheduling                         Enhanced earned value analysis                         Multiple critical paths                         Status date                         Multiple baselines                         New fields                         Changed fields                         Progress lines                         Honoring constraint dates                         Task types                      -Resource and cost management                         Improved resource leveling                         Resource work contours                         Variable pay rates                         Resource start and finish dates                         User-entered actual costs                      -Multiple project management                         Outline consolidated projects                         Increased consolidation limits                         Drilling down within multiple projects                         Cross-project linking                         Resource pooling                      -Analysis tools and methods                         Microsoft Excel PivotTables                         Microsoft Excel charts                         AutoFilters                         PERT analysis                         PERT analysis views                         Rollup views                      -Presentation features                         Web publishing                         Sharing information across Office programs                         Pictures in headers, footers, legends, and notes                         Improved printing                      -Workgroup and intranet support                         Workgroup features                         Out-of-the-box web solution                         Microsoft Outlook reminders                      -Desktop features                         Microsoft Office compatibility                         Easy data entry                         View Bar                         Indicators                         Microsoft Office web extensions                         Work with other task management tools                         Microsoft Outlook Journal support                         IntelliMouse                      -Database compatibility features                         New database format                         SQL/Oracle support                         Import/export maps                         Custom fields                      -Development tools                         Customizable user interface elements                         Enhanced development support                         Events                         Visual Basic Editor                      -User assistance                         Office Assistant and rich help                         Quick Preview                         Getting Started tutorial                         Microsoft Project 101: Fundamentals                         Visual Map                         Online Microsoft Project 98 User's Guide                         Technical resourcesVersion  Date-------------4.1     7/20/95 System Requirements: - 6 MB memory under Windows 95                       12 MB memory under Windows NT                      - Microsoft Windows 95                        Microsoft Windows NT version 3.51 or later                      - 386DX or higher processor                      - VGA or higher resolution video adapter Changes:             - Runs only on 32-bit Operating Systems mentioned                        above                      - Answer Wizard                      - AutoCorrect                      - Long File Name support                      - Save to Database supports ODBC                      - Ability to customize Workgroup messages to                        include the fields you want                      - Posting ability to Microsoft Exchange Folders                      - New File Open dialog used by Office 95                      - Improved speed                      - Opening non native MPP files is fasterVersion  Date------------- 4.0     4/15/94 System Requirements  - 4 MB memory Required                        8 MB memory Recommended                      - Windows version 3.1 or later                        Windows for Workgroups version 3.1 or later                        Windows NT version 3.1 or later                      - MS-DOS version 3.3 or later                      - VGA or higher resolution                      - 1.2 MB 5.25-inch or 1.44 MB 3.5-inch                        high-density drive Changes:             - Relationship lines on Gantt Chart                      - Calendar View                      - Visual Basic for Applications macro language                      - Workgroup features utilizing electronic mail                      - Crosstab reports                      - Multiple project consolidation with up to 80 files                      - Common Microsoft Office menu structure                      - Drawing objects and OLE object inserted directly                        on Gantt Chart view                      - Easily create Recurring tasks                      - Individual cell and bar formatting                      - Ability to save information to an Access 2.0                        database                      - Multiple Toolbars                      - Customizable Menu barVersion  Date------------- 3.0a    1/1/93 System Requirements: - 2 MB memory                      - Hard disk                      - MS-DOS version 3.0 or higher                      - Microsoft Windows 3.0 or later                      - 1.2 MB 5.25-inch or 1.44 MB 3.5-inch                        high-density drive Changes: Maintenance Release                      - Gantt chart Rollup causing unrecoverable                        application error (UAE) or general protection                        (GP) Fault                      - Resource Sharing causing UAE or GP Fault when                        saving files                      - Week numbering starts with wrong week                      - Paste Linking to % Complete from outside                        Microsoft Project failed                      - International settings incorrect after SetupVersion  Date------------- 3.0     2/28/92 System Requirements: - 1. 2 MB of memory                      - Hard disk                      - MS-DOS version 3.0 or later                      - Microsoft Windows 3.0 or later - 1.2 MB                        5.25-inch or 1.44 MB 3.5-inch high-density drive Changes: New version                      - Macro Language (Command equivalents)                      - Customizable toolbar to run Macros                      - Print preview                      - Improved leveling algorithm                      - Dynamic data exchange (DDE) capability                      - Supports OLE 1.0Version  Date------------- 1.0     12/4/90    - 1 MB memory                    - Hard disk                    - MS-DOS version 3.0 or higher                    - Microsoft Windows 2.0 or later                    - 1.2 MB 5.25-inch or 720 K 3.5-inch drive Changes:           - Requires Windows 2.0 or later to install and run                      (Run-Time Windows removed)Version  Date------------- 1.0    4/30/90     - 1 MB memory                    - Hard disk                    - MS-DOS version 3.0 or higher                    - Microsoft Windows 2.0 or later                    - 1.2 MB 5.25-inch or 720K 3.5-inch drive Changes: (None, first release of Microsoft Project.)                    - Comes with a Run-Time version of Microsoft                      Windows 2.1 (Windows 286)				
3.00a PRJ PRJ98


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Microsoft Project 98 Standard, Microsoft Project 4.1 Standard, Microsoft Project 4.1a, Microsoft Project 1.0 Standard, Microsoft Project 3.0 Standard, Microsoft Project 3.0a, Microsoft Project 4.0 Standard

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