Data Management: Number sequences are converted to constants when imported


Partner cannot import ‘Number sequence code’ entity data using Data Management. The segments do not match source.

When extracting the number sequences defined by the client, there is a requirement for segments to show as three segments with the first segment is Company, the second segment is Constant, and the third segment is Alphanumeric. Using project/package functionality to transfer this set up from one system to another the Company is consolidated into the constant (resulting in 2 segments only). Due to the clients insistence, the system should be configured as the source is. Currently partner has to manually change all the number sequences after creation of a new environment.


When exporting 'Number sequence code' entity data, segment information is not included. When importing back, segments are generated based on Format which does not have segment information. The fix is to add segment information into 'Number sequence code' entity, so segment information can be exported and imported correctly.

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