Missing currency conversion on project expense transactions from Expense report itemization


1. Expense report is created in EUR – 200 EUR (Company currency and Project currency is USD) – And this expense is posted to a Project – 000059 (USMF company).
2. Expense is Itemized and the amounts are broken down in EUR (100, 50, 50) – Submit to workflow and Post the expense report.
3. Check the Project transactions –
Issue 1: The Itemized amounts are shown in EUR as (100, 50, 50) even though the company currency and the Project currency are in USD.
EXPECTED RESULTS - These 3 amounts of the Itemized expense report – should be shown in USD (Project currency). Amounts should be 136.985 USD, 68.49 USD and 68.49 USD (100 EUR = 136.985 USD) like AX 2012 R3 see screenshot from 2012:
Checked the Voucher (Click on View voucher) – Amount are correctly converted to USD and the exchange rate is on the General tab.
4. Project – Posted transactions and click on “View Transaction” – Cost price is shown correctly in USD but the Sales price is shown in EUR (100) –
5. Check the General tab – Sales price is wrong (currency is correctly shown as USD but the amount shown in 100 EUR).
6. Project Invoice proposal created –
Issue 2: The invoice is created in USD (200 USD) but the amounts are shown in EUR (and not converted to USD) – so the invoice amount is wrong.
 EXPECTED RESULTS - Invoice amount should be 273.97 USD (100 EUR= 136.985 USD).


The fix correctly sets the sales price in this scenario.

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