DIXF Generate XML Schema Definition (XSD) File: Add Setting to Allow Optional Fields to Be Missing In XML File


Add a setting to the DIXF Service to allow generating an XSD file where optional fields are allowed to be missing from the XML file.
Note that DIXF does not support importing XML files with missing elements (even if the field is optional).


The DIXF Service's DMFConfig.xml file has a new configuration option "AllowMissingElementsInXsdForOptionalFields". When set to true, optional fields will now have elements in the XSD file set to minOccurs='0' and maxOccurs='1', which means that the element does not have to exist in the XML file.
This only applies to the XSD file - DIXF will still not accept XML files with missing elements. This XSD file can be used to validate an XML file prior to including the missing elements.

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