Cashiers need to Resume an existing shift for each logon even if there is only one shared Shifts


In POS permission groups for a worker the parameters 'Allow use shared shift' and 'Allow manage shared shift' are enabled.
In Hardware profile for a store (Drawer Tab) the parameter 'Shared shift drawer' is also enabled.
This means only one shift is used in a store, which is shared between workers.
In CPOS (and MPOS) one worker is logged in, new shift opened. Then he logs out and another user logs in. There are the option 'Resume an existing shift'. Once it is selected, the form 'Available shifts' opens. The worker has to select it to be able to proceed with further sales. The expected result would be, do not have this form 'Available shifts' and automatically come to shift once 'Resume an existing shift' selected. There is anyway only one shift available, this takes some time for user to click on available shifts every time.


Add logic to select the shift directly during resuming process if there is only one shift available.

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