Sales tax amount of Return transaction differs from the original sales tax amount if adding sales tax code into Item sales tax group instead of copying original Sales tax amount from original sales transaction


Assume that you add newsales tax code into Item sales tax group and Sales tax group and you run 1080job. When you return an original sales in MPOS, the sales tax amount of thisreturn transaction is doubled from the original sales tax amount, instead ofcopying original sales tax amount from original sales transactions.


The changes in the hotfix include the following:

In Return orderscenario, get Tax lines from Database and align Tax lines with respectiveSalesLine.

It returns all Taxlines related with a SalesLine. Use these lines and make sum of them to getcorrect Tax amount for the SalesLine.

It covers thefollowing cases:

  • Return for Cashand Carry
  • Return forCustomer Order


Japan tax scenariois also checked.

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