Electronic reporting (ER) configuration can’t be downloaded from LCS as not applicable for the current application version after applying the platform update package


GER allows to manage data models, mappings and formats for creation of custom & localized electronic documents. Each GER data model, mapping or format is enclosed into a GER configuration that can be uploaded to LCS storage by a model owner and downloaded from LCS by model’s consumers.
GER configuration may contain the definition of prerequisites as conditions that must be satisfied for proper import of it from LCS to the current application’s instance. As a single prerequisite, the required product version can be defined.
The problem may occur while GER compares the product version that has been defined as a configuration prerequisite and the one that returns the application (either during configuration’s import or prerequisites check). It may happen when the platform update package was the last one that you installed.
To work around this issue, you can save the desired configuration as XML file, modify it deleting the product version prerequisite and import this configuration from the updated XML file using the GER feature LOAD FROM XML.


The changes in the hotfix contain the code modification that resolved this issue. Product version will be recognized properly to check prerequisites of GER configurations regardless of the installation of platform update packages.

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