"Post” button is greyed out on kit order list form when trying to post open kit orders after posting one.


After successfully posting a kit order on kit order list form, user moves to the next open kit order on this list and tries to post it, but finds the “Post” button is greyed out.
Although the next open kit order could be posted after opening the order, then close it and refresh the order list, it’s still a time-consuming work to do that. Customer has many kit orders to process, and they prefer to post the orders on list form one by one without issue.
Every time when user posts kit orders on order list form and tries to post the next one on the list.
There is a workaround that open the next open kit order, then close it and the “Post” button becomes available on the order list form again.


When select another kit order in the grid view, enable or disable Post button based on Kit Order's status, if Kit Order is posted, then disabled the 'Post' button, otherwise, enabled it.

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