MPOS option 'Quantity becomes negative' enabled, the quantity is incorrectly set as positive.


1) Select company USRT, go to released product, select item 0001. Click edit.
Make sure the option ‘quantity becomes negative’ is enabled. Save it.
2) Run distribution job 1040
3) Log on MPOS, enter 0001 in numpad. Then click enter.
4) Select any return reason code.
Actual result:
The quantity shows positive.
Expected result:
The quantity should be negative.
More info: if you use product search to search item 0001 and add to sale, the quantity is negative which is expected.


Microsoft has resolved this issue with this hotfix. 

The update as a part of this hotfix ensures If the quantity is 0, check the flag 'Quantity becomes negative' to see if the value should be -1, instead of always defaulting to 1.

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