Line Spacing in Text Box Looks Wrong

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When you create text boxes in Microsoft PowerPoint, you may notice that the spacing between text lines is inconsistent.


This behavior may occur if you create restraining text boxes by drawing a rectangle or square on your slide. When you work in a restraining text box and you press the RETURN key before you reach the end of the text box, PowerPoint assumes that you want to start a new paragraph.

PowerPoint will set the before paragraph value to be .5 (the default). This will give the illusion of an incorrect line spacing setting.


To avoid this behavior, use either of the following methods:

Method 1: If your text box is not already created

Create the text box using these steps:

  1. Click the Text Tool button.
  2. Click the slide.

    The insertion point will be displayed on the slide.
  3. Type the first line of text and then press RETURN.

    PowerPoint will treat the second line of text as the same paragraph.

Method 2: If your text box is already created

Change the before paragraph value to zero, using these steps:

  1. Click the line of text after the spacing.
  2. On the Format menu, click Line Spacing.
  3. Change the Before Paragraph value to zero.

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