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A trip to the beach can be oceans of fun, especially when you're
traveling with the Friz, that daring teacher with the crazy clothes
who can make anything happen. This time she's got a notion to jump in
the ocean. So come explore the Coral Reef, the Open Ocean, and more,
as you go on a treasure hunt that will challenge your head as well as
your flippers.

Travel through the seven ocean environments in a bus that's "morphed"
into a submarine. While you're exploring the ocean environments, be
sure not to miss the exciting games and activities in each zone.
Whenever you start something new, the Friz or one of your classmates
will be right there to help you.

When you get to a new place, don't forget to go to the back of the bus
and check out the reports. While you're reviewing the reports, keep in
mind that your information hunt is also a treasure hunt.

To win the Treasure Hunt Game, you've got to uncover the hidden
treasure. To locate the treasure, you need to look for clues. The Friz
will give you the first of three clues at the Sandy Beach. Each clue
tells you what you need to do to find the next one.

When you arrive at the place where the treasure is hidden, you'll find
a treasure scanner you can use to uncover your prize. So use your
mind, and the treasure you will find.

When you've found the treasure, you've won.

The Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean is designed for kids of all
ages, especially those ages 6-10. The program is based on a series of books
from Scholastic publishing, one of the leading publishers of kids

NOTE: The Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean does not ship with a passport showing where the users has traveled.

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