FIX: 16-bit Driver Times Out on Async Calls to SQLTables

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BUG #: 15563 (2.65.0201)


When a 16-bit ODBC application calls SQLTables() using the Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver version 2.65.0201 set in asynchronous mode, a "Timeout expired" error message appears immediately after the second async retry.


This problem occurs with any network library configuration and Windows NT local pipes. The Timeout error message also appears regardless of other login or query timeouts you configure on the client computer.


To correct this problem, upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver version 2.65.0212, included in Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5 Service Pack 1.

To work around this problem, do not call the ODBC driver in asynchronous mode. This can be done with different applications and they apply as follows:

  • For ODBC programs written directly to the ODBC API, call SQLSetStmtOption() with SQL_ASYNC_ENABLE (set to SQL_ASYNC_ENABLE_OFF).
  • For Visual Basic 3.0 and Access 2.0 applications, set DisableAsync to 1 in the [ODBC] section of in the Vb.ini, App.ini or Msacc20.ini respectively.
  • For Visual Basic 4.0, set the INIPATH property of DBENGINE to point to Vb.ini or App.ini that has DisableAsync set to 1.
For MSACC20.INI entry settings applicable to Access 95, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
139044 INF: How to Add Former MSACC20.INI ODBC Section to Registry
Jet 3.x (a base component of Access 95 and Visual Basic 4.0) registry information is on Appendix C of the Microsoft Jet Database Engine Programmer's Guide. You can obtain Jet 2.x database engine information from the Microsoft Developer Network Library Level 1 by querying the following:

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You can also reference the Technical Backgrounder called "Jet Database Engine ODBC Connectivity."

More Information

Microsoft client/server database applications, such as Access 2.0, Visual Basic 3.0 and Visual Basic 4.0 (16-bit), are designed on top of the Jet Database engine. Therefore, they attempt to make calls to SQLTables() during several ODBC operations, which include attaching to a SQL Server 6.5 table. These applications utilize ODBC in asynchronous mode, by default. Unless the default asynchronous behavior is turned off, the "Timeout Expired" error message will occur with the driver version 2.65.0201.

NOTE: Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Query are not designed on top of the Jet Database engine, thus the problem does not occur.

For more information about the Jet Database Engine, please refer to the Microsoft Jet Database Engine Programmer's Guide published by Microsoft Press. The ISBN number is 1-55615-877-7. You can order guide by calling (800) MSP-RESS.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver version 2.65.0201. This problem was corrected in Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver version 2.65.0212. For more information, contact your primary support provider.

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