GW 1.0: Greetings Workshop System Requirements


This article describes the system requirements for Greetings Workshop 1.0.

To review the system requirements for Greetings Workshop version 2.0,
please see the following article:
171445GW 2.0: Hardware & System Requirements for Standard & Deluxe


Greetings Workshop requires the following hardware:

  1. Personal computer with Intel i486 DX2 or higher running at 66 MHz or faster Higher speeds are recommended.
  2. 8 MB of random access memory (RAM) for Windows 95, 16 MB RAM for Windows
    NT 4.0 systems. An additional 8 MB of RAM will noticeably improve
    the program's performance.
  3. 30 MB of available hard disc space, at least 12 MB of which must be on
    the drive containing the operating system.
  4. 640x480x256 colors may be used as a video resolution. 800x600x256 colors
    is recommended and will be suggested during installation.
  5. Microsoft mouse, or compatible pointing device.
  6. A modem is required to download add-on packs of additional content and
    to register Greetings Workshop online.
  7. Printers supported by the operation system are necessary for local
    printed output. Additional technical information may be necessary to
    print some projects.

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