Full Court Press: Multiplayer Information

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This article discusses playing multiplayer games of NBA Full Court Press.


Network and modem games work best when you choose the Typical installation
option during Full Court Press setup.

During a modem multiplayer game, it may take the client machine (the
machine that joins the game) a few minutes to download the stats and
settings of the game to be played.

If you have problems with modem games, reconfigure your modem as a standard
28,800 baud or 14,400 baud modem instead of any modem-specific
configuration you may be using.

Changing controllers in the middle of a multiplayer game may cause you to
lose game synchronization. You can, however, change the configuration of
your controllers.

During a multiplayer game, the game may pause, even though no one has
intentionally paused the game. A "Pause" message may or may not appear in
the title bar of the game play window. Full Court Press is synchronizing
the game among the users. Usually the game will cancel the pause once it
has synchronized the users. If the game does not cancel the pause after
about 10 seconds, try manually canceling the pause by pressing the PAUSE

If you do not have enough hard drive space to install Full Court Press, you
may get the following error message during installation:

Can't load <filename> Place the Full Court Press compact disc in
the CD-ROM drive. If it is already in the drive, run Setup again
to fix your installation.
Full Court Press is trying to load this file, but you may not have
enough room on your hard drive to create any new swap files. Make
sure you have enough space on your hard drive, then try reinstalling.

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