How Can I Access the Internet Through German T-Online


This article describes how to access the German T-Online Internet and
Online service using a modem and Windows NT 4.0 Remote Access Service
(RAS). The article also provides you with a RAS script and the steps
necessary to implement the script. In addition, it provides T-Online News
and Mail server information.

The "More Information" section contains the following subsections:

  • Overview
  • Limitations
  • Prerequisites
  • Creating a RAS Phonebook Entry
  • News Server and Mail Server information



To access T-Online using Windows NT RAS, create a RAS Phonebook entry that
uses the script provided below:
  1. Read the Limitations of the T-Online Script Method section.
  2. Be sure you have met the requirements listed in the Prerequisites
  3. Follow the instructions in the Creating a RAS Phonebook Entry section.
  4. Follow the instructions in the T-Online Script section and modify the
    script if necessary.
  5. Save the script with the name T-Online.scp in the directory
  6. To set up your e-mail and newsreader program, read the News Server and
    Mail Server Information section.

Limitations of the T-Online Script Method

The limitation of this access method are:
  • This script does not work with ISDN.
  • The connection is slow because T-Online only allows 14,4000 bps without
  • If you unsuccessfully submit your credentials during the log on process
    more than three times, the German Telekom disables your account. German
    Telekom does not reenable your account free of charge.


The prerequisites to make this script work with a RAS phonebook entry are:
  • RAS and a modem are already installed. If not, please read the Network
    Guide, chapter 6, "Installing and Configuring Remote Access Service".
  • Your modem should be configured with the parameter settings for T-Online
    access with the standard T-Online decoder. These parameters are
    described in the T-Online documentation.
  • RAS should be configured to "Dial out only" or "Dial out and Receive
  • The TCP/IP protocol should be enabled for RAS.

Creating a RAS Phonebook Entry

To set up this connection, perform the following steps:
  1. Click the Start button, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and
    click Dial-Up Networking.
  2. Click New.
  3. Type the connection name, for example, T-Online Internet, and enable "I
    know all about phonebook entries and would rather edit the properties
    . Click Finish.
  4. Open a Window "New Phonebook Entry" with the register "Basic".
    Please type the correct "Phone number" (should be 01910), and select
    your modem.
  5. Click Server register.
  6. Select SLIP: Internet as the Dial-up server type.
  7. Enable TCP/IP as the Network protocol.
  8. Click TCP/IP Settings.
  9. Type for the Primary DNS address, and type the same address
    for the Secondary DNS address or the address of another known DNS
  10. All other IP addresses should stay 0.
  11. Disable Force IP header compression and enable "Use default gateway
    on remote network"
  12. The Frame size should stay 1006.
  13. Click OK for SLIP TCP/IP settings.
  14. Click register Script.
  15. Select Run this script, and then click Refresh list.
  16. Choose the script %Systemroot%\System32\Ras\T-Online.scp
  17. Go to register Security.
  18. Select "Accept any authentication including clear text"
  19. Click OK for Edit Phonebook Entry.
Now you are ready to dial in to T-Online.

T-Online Script

If you are not the first user of your account, change the number of the
user of this account (Mitbenutzernummer) from 0001 to your number. This
script allows you to input your access number (Anschlusskennung) as a user
ID and your password in the dialog box.

If the service provider computer does not respond, you can increase the
values after "delay" in the script to allow the remote computer more time
to respond.

; T-Online Zugang
; über SLIP
; Main
proc main

; send access number

waitfor "ennung"

; input access number as user ID

transmit $USERID

delay 2

; number of the user of this account

transmit "0001"

; send password

transmit $PASSWORD

transmit "^M"

; change to VT-100 mod

transmit "*707#"

delay 1

transmit "j"

waitfor "eingeben"

delay 2

transmit ".^M"

delay 1

transmit "n"

; swich off of data confirmation

transmit "*53#"

waitfor "ausgeschaltet"

; call Internet gateway

transmit "*190144100#"

; confirm tick per minute

waitfor "DM/Min"

delay 1

transmit "19"

; ask for dynamic IP-address

waitfor "STATUS OK"

transmit "WIN"

transmit "^M"

transmit "OK"

transmit "^M"

waitfor "YOURIP"

set ipaddr getip


;============= End of Script ============

To set up your e-mail and newsreader program, access the following German
Telekom servers by using the URL following the arrow next to it:
  • News server ->
  • Mail server ->
For more information, please see these programs' documentation.

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