How to Install Additional Fonts in Windows CE


This article describes how to install additional fonts in Windows CE.

NOTE: Additional installed fonts are available only in some Windows CE- based programs such as Microsoft Pocket Word and Microsoft Pocket Excel. You cannot change the system font in Windows CE.

More Information

There are a variety of ways to transfer fonts to a Handheld PC (H/PC). You can use the H/PC Explorer program to connect to an H/PC, you can use an infrared connection, or you can use a PCMCIA Flash card in which the font files are stored.

  1. Once you have established a connection to the H/PC, select the appropriate .fon, .fnt, and .ttf files.
  2. Copy the selected files to the Windows\Fonts folder on the H/PC.

    NOTE: The font converter appears if you are copying the files using H/PC Explorer. If the font files are not copied to the Windows\Fonts folder, they will not be displayed.
It is possible to view a document that was created using a font that is not installed on the H/PC. However, the font is not copied to the Windows\ Fonts folder and is not available in other documents.

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