Read-Only Error Message After Changing Open File's Attributes

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When you try to save a file, you may receive one of the following error messages. In addition, the read-only (R) symbol may not appear beside the file name on the taskbar for a file that is marked with the Read-Only attribute.

Pocket Excel:

Your file was successfully saved but could not be reopened. The file may be saved as <Filename1> or <Filename2>. To continue working, close this file and then reopen the saved file.
where <Filename1> is the name of your file and <Filename2> is the name of a temporary file Pocket Excel created.

Pocket Word:

<Filename> is read-only. Try saving with a different file name.
where <Filename> is the name of the file you are trying to save.


This behavior occurs when you change a file's attribute to Read-Only while the file is open.


To prevent this problem from occurring, quit Pocket Word or Pocket Excel before you change a file's attributes.

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