Neverhood: Game Navigation Not Always as it Seems


The game navigation in The Neverhood is not always as it seems.
Actions such as moving the pointer over certain areas, or clicking
certain hot spots do not always perform how you expect.

For example:

  • When you press and hold down the ALT key while you press the TAB key
    (ALT+TAB key combination) to switch to another program, and then click
    the taskbar to return to The Neverhood, you may see The Neverhood
    pointer and the Windows pointer on the screen at the same time.


  • In the Hall of Records Lobby, when you click the button on the door,
    the door opens. When you click the button again, the door closes and
    immediately reopens. You would expect this door to stay shut until
    you've clicked the button again.


  • In Windows, when you click a button while holding the mouse button
    down, and then move your pointer away from the button, while still
    holding the button down, when you release the mouse button, the Windows
    button is not clicked. This is normal Windows behavior.

    If you do this in The Neverhood, the button IS clicked.


  • The pointer limits in The Neverhood are not set on the bottom right-
    hand side of the screen. Therefore, you can move you pointer in that
    direction until it disappears.


  • In some areas of the game, the hot spots (places you click to
    cause a specific action) seem to be in unexpected locations. For
    example, in the Concentration room you must click on the archway to
    exit the room. Or, when you are in the whale's mouth you can't get out
    of the pod until you click forward. It may seem like you need to
    click on one of the discs to make Klaymen move, but when you click
    a disc, nothing happens.


You cannot always go anywhere you want to in The Neverhood. Sometimes, you
are only allowed to take specific paths. If the pointer points in a
direction, then you can go that way. If the pointer does not point that
way, then you cannot go that direction.

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