Neverhood: Known Content Errors


The following article lists the known content errors in The Neverhood.
These errors are specific to version 1.0 of The Neverhood.
  • The putt-putt shadow in world two above the teddy boom pod is wrong.
  • The dark upper right hand corner of the funny eye speaking video
    sequence is distorted.
  • When Klaymen grabs the rope ring from the right side, he descends
    facing the left, but switches sides in the Tree room. If he grabs
    the rope from the left he stays on the same side the whole way down.
  • The sound effect for the cave door shutting behind you is missing.
  • The clue to turn the radio on is very obscure. It is pulling the last
    ring in the blue Venus fly trap room.
  • The door open animation missing on the Hall of records when you enter
    from the outside.
  • The light from the window at the end of the hall of records lights
    the disks on the floor and Klaymen when you walk to the window.
  • You can hear the static from the radio room when you are in the
    Options Menu.
  • The mouse puzzle has no sound effects.
  • The top of the dud on the second shelf of the Dyno-shack disappears
    as Klaymen is walking out the door to the weasel arena.
  • In the Hoborg story on the third screen of the second panel 'of'
    is spelled 'off'.
  • In the player room of the castle pod, the key Willie pushes from
    the screen is aqua, not gray
  • The sound effects for releasing the rope is missing when Klaymen
    releases the rope from Lab Attic in the Lab Cellar.
  • The sound effects for the rope spinning down from the lab attic to
    the lab cellar is missing.
  • There are green splotches on the black void on the outside of Willie's
    house in one of the lake putt-putt scenes.
  • The video disk on the radio room floor changes color when the
    door to the lake floor is closed. It changes from green to white.
  • In the castle sequence the robot Bill lifts the door, but when Klaymen
    hits the ground, the door is closed.
  • The scene of bill opening the castle door repeats after Klaymen hits
    the ground.
  • The animation of Klaymen jumping into the drain on the lake is very
    washed out, grainy and faded.
  • Purple lines run though some of the scenes during the lake floor
    putt-putt ride.
  • The color of the lake floor changes dramatically. When you look down
    at the lake, the floor is light brown, but when Klaymen lands at
    the bottom the lake, the floor is dark green.
  • On the second note in the mail room 'Klaymen' is spelled 'Klaymeb'.
  • In the hall of records on 10th scroll of Ogdilla, 'heckling' is
    spelled 'hectoring'.
  • In pause mode, Klaymen's left arm disappears through walls when he
    lengthens his arms or picks his ears.
  • The door opening and closing in the hall of records is missing the
    sound effects.
  • There are no step sound effects for steps two and three toward the
    mail box in the mail room.
  • Klaymen's hands switch which finger is colored. Depending on the
    scene, the black fingers will be on the wrong hand.
  • During the putt-putt ride, the car changes color from green to aqua.


These errors are under review and will be considered for inclusion or
correction in future releases of The Neverhood.

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