Money: Changing Account Information for Online Accounts


If the Online Payment Service has changed or if the financial institution
has notified you of changes to your account number, use the following
procedures before making modifications in Money.

Before making these changes contact the Bank and/or Online Payment Service
to verify the information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use Online Payment Services and have set up
Automatic Payments (Apay), all Apays must be cancelled, for the affected
accounts, before disabling the Payment Service.

After these changes have been completed each account will need to be re-
enabled using the Online Setup Wizard in Home Banking.


To cancel Automatic Payments do the following:

  1. Send cancel instructions, then contact the Payment Service to
    reset the account.
  2. Recreate the payment(s) with the new account information.
Please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for
further details:

142768 Money: How To Cancel Apays, Epays, and Send Bank
After the Apays are cancelled, disable Home Banking. For instructions on
disabling this service please see the following article in the Microsoft
Knowledge Base:

150744 Money: How To Disable Online Services
After disabling Home Banking, go through the Online Services Setup Wizard
again, to re-enable the accounts for the appropriate services. Make sure
to indicate the correct new account number and account type for each

NOTE: In Money 5.0, if Online Banking was previously enabled for these
accounts, it is not necessary to connect again to download bank
information. In the Select Online Services dialog box, after entering the
financial routing or ID number, hold down the SHIFT key while clicking the
Connect button, then complete the rest of the Online Wizard updating the
information on the appropriate screens.

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