PRB: Unable to View Visual J++ Books Online


When Visual J++ and Visual C++ are installed on the same system, only
Visual J++ or Visual C++ Books Online can be accessed at one time. In some
cases, you can access only Visual C++ Books Online and not Visual J++ Books


When you use the Developer Studio environment( Visual C++, Fortran, Visual
J++, and so forth) only one set of online documentation is accessible at a
time. To select the book you want to view, perform the following steps
while running Developer Studio:

  1. From the Help menu click Open Information Title. The Open
    Information Title dialog box appears.
  2. From the list of titles select the documentation you want to open then
    click OK. The Visual J++ product documentation is titled "Visual J++
    Books Online." You now have access to the Visual J++ documentation from
    InfoView. If you do not see the InfoView pane, from the View menu choose
    "Infoviewer Topic."


This behavior is by design.


In some cases, where you are logged in as a User in Windows NT, you cannot
access documentation for some of the installed products, and you cannot see
the Open Information Title menu option. In this case you can either login
as an administrator or manually open the .mvb file for your products.

For example, from the File menu click Open and then select the appropriate
Help file located in the \Msdev\Help directory. If you have not installed
the online documentation, you must open the .mvb file located on the CD-
ROM. The help file for Visual J++ is named Vjbks10.mvb; the Visual C++ Help
file is named Vcbks40.mvb.


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Visual J++ and the SDK for Java, see the following page on the Microsoft
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