How to install a code page


When you install Windows NT, all existing code pages are not installed. For example, the US version of Windows NT installation does not include the Japanese code page (code page 932). If, for some reason, an application running under the English Windows NT needs the Japanese code page support (for example, for using TextOut to display Japanese characters), then the Japanese code page needs to be installed. Following are steps for installing the Japanese code page onto a non-Japanese Windows NT system. These steps should also work for installing other code pages.

More Information

  1. Obtain the Japanese code page file c_932.nls from the Japanese version of Windows NT.
  2. Assuming that c:\winnt is the Windows NT directory, copy c_932.nls to c:\winnt\system32.
  3. Run regedt32.exe. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\CodePage
  4. Add a value by choosing "Edit/Add Value..." from the menu. Specify "932" as the Value name, "REG_SZ" as the Date Type, and "c_932.nls" as the string.
  5. Exit regedt32.exe.

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