ACC97: Changing Your Data Source for a Microsoft Word Mail Merge

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Moderate: Requires basic macro, coding, and interoperability skills.


When you use the Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard to merge your data into a Word document, it is possible to use an existing Word document that has been previously merged with a different data source. This article demonstrates how to do this.

More Information

To change the data source for a Microsoft Word Mail Merge document, follow these steps:

  1. Open your database in Microsoft Access.
  2. In the Database window, select the new data source that you want to use with your existing Word document.
  3. On the Tools menu, click OfficeLinks, and then click "Merge It with MS Word."
  4. On the first screen of the Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard, click "Link your data to an existing Microsoft Word document," and then click OK.
  5. In the Select Microsoft Word Document box, select the existing Microsoft Word document you want to use, and then click Open.
  6. Microsoft Word opens with the following message:

    The data source of the document you selected is different from the
    source you selected when starting the Mail Merge Wizard. Would you
    like the Mail Merge Wizard to change the source?
  7. Click Yes. The new fields for the data source are now available for you to insert into your document.


For more information about using the Microsoft Word Mail Merge feature, search the Help Index for "merging data with Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard," or ask the Microsoft Access 97 Office Assistant.

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