Multimedia: Does Not Dial AOL's Phone Number


When you click one of the Online buttons in your multimedia program,
your modem attempts to dial a phone number that you did not intend to dial
instead of dialing the access number you use to connect to MSN.

This phone number may be the number of an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
that you used previously.

For example, one of the following may occur:

  • When you start Cinemania and click the Online button, the phone number
    for MSN, The Microsoft Network dials, even though you no longer
    subscribe to MSN.

  • When you start Encarta, and click Download. The phone number for
    CompuServe dials, even though you no longer subscribe to CompuServe.


The programs listed at the top of this article cannot start the built-in
America Online (AOL) Web browser. They can only start standard (standalone)
Web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

The multimedia programs are attempting to start your Web browser. If you
have a standalone Web browser, it will be activated, even if you are
currently using AOL. Because of the way the web browser stores settings,
your modem may dial the number for previous online service, or a default
phone number that set by the distributor of the web browser.


You need to dial AOL manually using the method that you normally use to
make a connection to the Internet. Then you can connect to the Online
features using a standalone browser.

  1. Start your AOL software and log in.
  2. When you receive the "Welcome" message, leave AOL running.

    NOTE: At this point, AOL should be providing an Internet connection
    that the programs listed at the top of this article can use to access a
    web site.
  3. Start your multimedia programs and use any of the online features.
    Your standalone Web browser will open and connect to the Web site. The
    browser will not attempt to dial your modem, since an Internet
    connection is already open.
NOTE: If you are using Windows 95, you should be using "AOL 3.0 for
Windows 95." This version is capable of interacting with other Windows 95
programs, such as standalone 32-bit Web browsers and Cinemania's Download
Wizard. "AOL 3.0 for Windows" is not.

To find out what version of AOL 3.0 you are using, click the Help menu, and
then click About. For information on obtaining "AOL 3.0 for Windows 95",
use the AOL Keyword "upgrade".

AOL version 3.0 is manufactured by America Online, a vendor independent
of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this
product's performance or reliability.

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