OL97: BCC List Included in Internet Mail Header

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You can use the Internet Mail service to send a mail message that includes recipients on the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) line of the message. If the recipient has a method of viewing the Internet Mail header information for the message, they may be able to see the contents of the BCC line.


The Internet Mail service erroneously includes the BCC information in the message header.


You can resolve this problem by using the updated Internet Mail service, provided with the Internet Mail Enhancement Patch for Microsoft Outlook 97. The Internet Mail Enhancement Patch (IMEP) is available on the following Microsoft Internet site:


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the Internet Mail service that shipped with Microsoft Outlook 97.

More Information

The header information for an Internet Mail messages contains routing information, and often does not display with the message. Additionally, some mail clients or transports, such as the Microsoft Exchange Server Internet Mail Connector, remove BCC information from the message header.

The BCC issue only applies to using Outlook with the Internet Mail service and a Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) mail server. This issue does not apply when you use Outlook with the Microsoft Mail service or the Microsoft Exchange Server service, and their appropriate mail servers.


For more information on the Blind Carbon Copy issue, please see the following article(s)in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

161943 XFOR: RFC822 Header Includes BCC Recipient Fields

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