XCLN: Err Msg: You Need More Memory or System Resources

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When you click the Mail icon in Control Panel you may receive the following error message:

You need more memory or system resources. Close some windows and try


The Mapi.dll file, located in the Windows\System subdirectory by default, is either missing, corrupted, or has been replaced by another version.


  1. Reinstall Microsoft Exchange Client.
  2. Expand Mapi.dll from the Exchange Client cabinet (cab) files.
  3. Copy Mapi.dll from another Windows computer that is currently working. Both computers must be running the same version and service pack of Exchange Client. See table below and compare the size of the Mapi.dll file to find out this information.

    Mapi.dll File Size Version
    ==== ======
    1,000,288 5.0
    989,280 4.0 SP4
    988,544 4.0 SP3
    988,480 4.0 SP2
    890,464 4.0 RTM

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