PRB: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:com/ms/com/LicenseMgr error


Attempting to execute a Java Applet that was generated by the Database
Wizard for Java from outside Developer Studio, generates the following run-
time error:

error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:com/ms/com/LicenseMgr


When an applet is run in Internet Explorer and outside of Developer Studio,
the applet is not trusted and does not have access to ILicenseMgr.
ILicenseMgr is available only to trusted applets.


Create a CAB that contains the classes of the applet and digitally sign the
CAB with the CodeSign kit.


This is by design since only trusted applets should have access to the
ILicenseMgr. The ILicenseMgr allows the creation of COM objects on the
client. If an untrusted applet was allowed to create COM objects via
ILicenseMgr, any applet could use this method to alter the client machine
in any number of ways.


For more information on Cab and Sign technology, look in the Cab&Sign
folder on the Visual J++ CD-ROM. The Visual J++ CD-ROM also includes a
sample called CabAndSign that gives step-by-step instructions on how to
create Cab files and Test Certificates.


For more information about developing Web-based solutions for Microsoft Internet Explorer, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:

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