RASDIAL Reports Error 623 When Dial-up Entry Name Contains Spaces


When you are using the Windows NT RASDIAL utility to dial an entry from the remote access service (RAS) phone book (Windows NT 3.51) or dial-up networking (Windows NT 4.0), the following error message will be returned if the entry name contains a space or spaces:
Error 623 - Cannot find the phone book entry


RASDIAL reads the name entered at the RASDIAL command until it finds a space. For example, if you have an entry in your RAS phone book called MY ISP and you attempt to dial it using RASDIAL by entering the following command: RASDIAL MY ISP, you get the error 623. This is because RASDIAL tries to dial an entry in your RAS phone book called MY.


Put quotation marks around the dial-up entry name; for example:

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