XL7: Page Fault When Deleting Auto_Close After Changing


After you run a macro and edit a three-dimensional pie chart, Excel for
Windows 95 may stop responding, a general protection fault may occur, and
the following error message may appear:
This program has performed an illegal operation
and will be shut down.
If you click Details, a message similar to the following appears:
Excel cause an invalid page fault in module
Mso97.dll at 0137:50603f25.
When you click OK, Excel closes.


This problem occurs when the following conditions are true:

  • You create a 3-D pie chart in Microsoft Excel 7.0.


  • You create a macro that contains a line of code that adds the Auto_Close
    defined name that refers to another macro.


  • The macro to which Auto_Close refers contains a line of code that
    deletes Auto_Close.


  • You run the macro that deletes the Auto_Close defined name.
When the Auto_Close macro runs, the following error message appears:
The 3-D View Dialog code leaves internal variables set incorrectly.
When the workbook is closed, Excel 95 attempts to access an
uninitialized variable.


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To resolve this problem, add the following code to the beginning of the
macro that is referenced by Auto_Close:
   Application.MacroOptions Macro:="DeleteAutoClose", _   Description:="Delete Auto Close"


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Excel for Windows
95, version 7.0. This problem was corrected in Microsoft Excel 97 for


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