FIX: IllegalAccessError Using Private Inherited Constructor


If a class (B) inherits from a class (A) that has a private default
constructor, an attempt to instantiate class (B) should result in a
compiler error. The compiler shipped with Visual J++ (version 1.01.7022)
does not catch this error. The Microsoft virtual machine, however,
does catch this error. When the applet or application is run the following
error is generated by the Microsoft virtual machine:

java.lang.IllegalAccessError: A: method <init>()V is inaccessible
NOTE: Non-Microsoft virtual machines may not throw this error. It is,
however, correct behavior to do so.


Use the compiler shipped with SDK for Java 2.0x with Visual J++. You can do
this by replacing the compiler file in Visual J++ with three files from the
Microsoft SDK for Java. First, save a copy of the compiler (Jvc.exe) from
your existing Visual J++ installation. Next, copy Jvc.exe, Jps.dll, and
Msjvc.dll into your Visual J++ directory. Projects will then build using
the new compiler.

The new compiler will catch this problem by generating the following error

error J0147: Cannot access private member 'A()' in class 'A' from class


This problem was corrected in Jvc.exe version 1.02.4337, which ships in the SDK
for Java version 2.0.


Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Using Visual J++ 1.1, create a Java Project and the following Java
    classes in it:

    public class TestError{   public static void main( String[] args )   {      boolean returnValue = true;      try      {         // The compiler should flag this line as an error         B obj = new B();         returnValue = true;      }      catch( Throwable e )     {         e.printStackTrace();         returnValue = false;      }      System.out.println( "Passed = " + returnValue );   }}class A{   private A() {}}class B extends A{   public B() {}}
  2. Build the Java project.
  3. You will see the above mentioned error, when you run this application.


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