Using the MousInfo tool included with IntelliPoint software


MousInfo is a diagnostic tool that is included with the Microsoft IntelliPoint software, and that shows you whether the computer can receive pointing device commands. This article describes how to use the MousInfo tool.

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To run the MousInfo tool, click Start, and then copy one of the following paths to the Start Search box to find the MousInfo tool:
  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\Mousinfo.exe

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Hardware\Mouse\Mousinfo.exe
  • C:\Msinput\Mouse\Mousinfo.exe
Note If you installed the IntelliPoint software in a different folder, substitute the path of that folder in the command.

To install the latest version of Microsoft IntelliPoint, visit the following Microsoft Web site:The MousInfo tool uses the following indicators on the Input Monitor tab for each function of the pointing device:

  • When you press a button, the button number that you pressed states DOWN.
    When you roll the wheel, the Scrolling area shows the last Z value change. This value is positive to indicate scrolling up, and negative to indicate scrolling down.
  • When you move the pointing device, the value of the X Position and the Y Position should change, depending on the pointer's position. The numbers that you see depend on your screen resolution.
  • The Device Information tab displays information about installed devices. This includes the status (whether the pointing device is working correctly), the port type that the device uses, the driver version, and other information that can be useful in troubleshooting or in determining which problem affects the device.

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