FS98: Cannot Resize Radio Stack in Boeing 737-400


When you resize the radio stack panel for the Boeing 737-400 in Flight Simulator 98 to increase its width, you may be unable to further resize the radio stack panel.


This behavior can occur if you stretch the width of the the radio stack panel to 478 pixels or more.


To resolve this issue, follow these steps to reset the size of the radio stack panel:

  1. On the Aircraft menu, click Select Aircraft.
  2. In the Aircraft box, click a different aircraft, and then
    click OK.
  3. On the Aircraft menu, click Select Aircraft.
  4. In the Aircraft box, click Boeing 737-400, and then
    click OK.
  5. On the aircraft control panel, click the Master Avionics
    to display the radio stack panel in its original size.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in Flight Simulator 98.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 Standard Edition