PRB: Cannot Install Visual J++ 1.0 on Windows NT 3.51


When trying to install Visual J++ 1.0 on Windows NT 3.51, Setup.exe gives
the following error:

Visual J++ 1.0 requires Windows95 or Windows NT 4.0


The minimum requirement for Visual J++ 1.0 is either Windows 95 or Windows
NT 4.0. Earlier documentation stated that Visual J++ 1.0 would run on
Windows NT 3.51 even though the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer 3.0
would not work. That information is incorrect.


In order to use Visual J++ 1.0 on an existing Windows NT 3.51 system, the
System Administrator will need to upgrade the machine to Windows NT 4.0.


This behavior is by design.


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Visual J++ and the SDK for Java, see the following pages on the Microsoft
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