Error Message: Unable to Install Java Packages


When you start your computer, you may receive the following error message:

Unable to install java packages. The command line is invalid.

Cannot find file specified - Cannot find file specified - Cannot find file specified - Cannot find file specified -

Note that the error message may be displayed four times.


This behavior can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • You used the System.1st file to test or correct issues with the registry.
  • Setup stopped responding and you restarted your computer.


To work around this behavior, use the appropriate method.

NOTE: If you restarted your computer to finish Setup, once Setup is complete the Microsoft Virtual Machine (VM) for Java is functional and the error message is not displayed.


Restore the original System.dat file.


If you permanently replaced your original System.dat file with the System.1st file, the Microsoft Virtual Machine (VM) for Java may no longer function. To resolve this issue, install the Microsoft VM for Java located on the Windows 98 CD-ROM. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Place the Windows 98 CD-ROM in to your CD-ROM drive, click Start, point to Find, and then click Files Or Folders.
  2. In the Named box, type java.inf, click your CD-ROM drive in the Look In box, and then click Find Now.

    NOTE: The Java.inf file is located in the Tools\Mtsutil folder.
  3. Right-click the Java.inf file in the list of found files, and then click Install.
  4. Quit the Find tool.

More Information

When Windows 98 Setup stops responding (hangs) at RunOnce, and you then restart your computer, RunOnce will start again and the error messages may be displayed. However, the the Microsoft Virtual Machine (VM) for Java should already be installed and once Setup finishes the "Unable to install java packages" error message should no longer be displayed when you start your computer.

There are eight entries in the RunOnceEx key which install and register Java class files. Because the installation files referenced are no longer available (these were deleted after the original install) the errors are generated.

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