WD97: Add Button Unavailable for Insert/Bookmark


When you type a name that begins with the underscore (or other invalid)
character in the Bookmark dialog box, the Add button is unavailable.

NOTE: To get to the Bookmark dialog box, click Bookmark on the Insert menu.


A bookmark name cannot begin with a number and cannot contain
nonalphanumeric characters.


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In Microsoft Word, you can create hidden bookmarks by beginning the
bookmark name with an underscore character ("_"). However, when you begin a
bookmark name using the underscore character ("_") while in the Bookmark
dialog box, the Add button remains unavailable (dimmed). However, you can
programmatically create a hidden bookmark. Although the hidden bookmark
will not show in the list of available bookmarks, you can still issue
commands that use the bookmark.

Creating a hidden bookmark programmatically will not display an error
message that the bookmark name is invalid.

NOTE: Beginning in Word 97 for Windows and Word 98 Macintosh Edition, you
can view hidden bookmarks by selecting the Hidden Bookmarks check box in
the Bookmark dialog box.

The following sample Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications macro (Sub
procedure) demonstrates how to create a hidden bookmark in Word.

   Sub CreateHiddenBookMark()      Dim bmark As String      ' Input box to request bookmark name.      bmark = InputBox("Type a bookmark name preceded by an underscore")      ' Add the bookmark name.      ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Add (bmark)   End Sub


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