GW 2.0: Using Greetings Workshop 2.0 with AOL


This article discusses the system requirements and steps necessary to
use some of the features of Greetings Workshop with America OnLine (AOL)
as your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


In order to use the online features of Greetings Workshop with America
Online as your Internet Service Provider, please consider the following:

  • The internet features of AOL are components within the main AOL
    application. These components cannot be accessed by external third-
    party programs.

  • The AOL mail program does not allow for use of third party e-mail
    programs and is in itself not MAPI compliant.

  • The internal AOL browser does not support some of the advanced
    scripting that is incorporated by the Greetings Workshop multimedia
In order to perform any of the following Greetings Workshop functions with
AOL as your ISP:

  • Connect to the Greetings Workshop web site via the "Go Online"

  • Transfer a greeting to the Greetings Workshop Post Office.

  • View a greeting from the Greetings Workshop Post Office.
you must:

  • Have AOL 3.0 for Windows 95 or later installed.

  • Establish an Internet connection by letting AOL dial and connect to
    the internet.

  • Have a compatible browser installed and set as your default browser.
    (Compatible browsers include Internet Explorer 3.02 or later and
    Netscape Navigator 3.02 or later.)
Once you have verified these two requirements, you will be able to perform
the following functions with Greetings Workshop:

  • Use your browser to preview multimedia greetings.

  • Post greetings to the Web Post Office.

  • Go to the Greetings Workshop Web site by clicking the Telephone
    icon on the Greetings Workshop desktop.
You will not, however, be able to send via e-mail. That function is not
available. E-mail Greetings must be sent as an attachment in AOL mail.


AOL 3.0 for Windows 95 ships a 32-bit Winsock that allows running third-
party internet software over the AOL connection.

AOL 3.0 for Windows 95 installs Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01. Internet
Explorer does not replace, but rather provides an alternative to the
integrated AOL browser.

To send an Multimedia Greeting from AOL you must save the project and
attach it to the e-mail.
AOL does not have any provisions for using a MAPI compliant e-mail program
with it's Internet Service.

More information on Attaching E-Mail in AOL see:
176926 GW 2.0: How to Send Your Project Using E-Mail
America Online 3.0 for Windows 95 is not the same as America
Online 3.0 for Windows. Earlier versions of America Online did not
include a 32-bit Winsock.

Because America Online uses a proprietary dialer instead of a standard
DUN (Dial-Up Networking) connection, third-party applications are unable
to make an Internet connection automatically. In order to use the Internet
features of Greetings Workshop, you must first establish a connection to

Sending an e-mail greeting from Greetings Workshop requires a MAPI
Compatible e-mail application. AOL's e-mail service is not MAPI Compatible.
For information on how to send Greetings Workshop projects, please
refer to the following article:


For more information, see the following articles in the Microsoft
Knowledge Base:

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