Form Required to View This Message Cannot be Displayed

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When you use the Send To function in an Office application such as Word or Excel to try to send to a mail recipient using an Exchange or Outlook client, the application may stop responding for a long period, or the following error message may appear:
The form required to view this message cannot be displayed.
Contact your administrator.
Sending a message from the client works successfully.


The Frmcache.dat file has become corrupted.


To work around this behavior, rename the Frmcache.dat file located in the <windows>\forms directory. Then perform one of the following two procedures (A or B) to recreate the file. Then perform C.

  1. Remove the client by running Setup and selecting Remove All. Run Setup again and reinstall the client.
    1. Double-click the Mlset32.exe file in the Program Files\Microsoft Exchange folder to reregister Exchange in the registry.
    2. Either copy the Frmcache.bak file in the Windows\Forms folder to Frmcache.dat, or obtain a copy of the Frmcache.dat file from a computer on which Windows Messaging is functioning properly and then copy the file to the <windows>\Forms folder on your computer.
  2. Restart the Exchange or Outlook client and attempt the Send To operation again from the Office application.

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