Event IDs 7024 and 3095 on Stand-Alone Server


Event Viewer records the following events:

Event ID: 7024
Source: Service Control Manager
The Net Logon service terminated with service-specific error 3095.

Event ID: 3095
This Windows NT computer is configured as a member of a workgroup, not
as a member of a domain. The Netlogon service does not need to run in
this configuration.

NOTE: This symptom may also occur on a non-networked Windows NT-based computer if its Netlogon service is set to automatic.


The Netlogon service has been configured to start automatically on the stand-alone server.


The Netlogon service should not be configured to start automatically on a server that is not a domain member. Configure the Netlogon service so that its startup type is set to "Manual."

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