NetDDE Service: Error 2185 - The Service Name is Invalid


By default the Network DDE service on a Terminal Server is set to start manually. If you attempt to start the service, you receive a 2185 error: The Service Name is Invalid. The service cannot be started from a command prompt either.

This is expected behavior on a Terminal Server. The Network DDE service is disabled. Because Network DDE relies on the registration of unique computer names to share information across a DDE share, the service will not work in a multi-user environment. This does not mean, however, that users cannot make use of DDE applications.

Terminal Server uses a multi-user version of NetDDE. Instead of registering unique computernames, the Terminal Server NetDDE registers unique usernames. This makes more sense in a multi-user environment, although it adds to new requirement (not typically seen in Windows NT environments) that users log on with unique user names.

To start the multi-user NetDDE, all a user has to do is start a DDE application like Chat. This will load the necessary files, start the NetDDE agent, and register the user's name on the network for DDE services. Note that only the first instance of the user's name will allow NetDDE registration. If a user logs on at multiple locations, only the first logon will allow NetDDE.

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