Terminal Server Commands: SHADOW


The SHADOW function is not built into version 4 of the Terminal Server and Terminal Server client. The SHADOW utility is included for use if Citrix Metaframe and the Citrix ICA client are used with Terminal Server, which allows shadowing.

Shadow allows you to monitor a session of another user. All information displayed on the computer of the session you are shadowing also appears on your computer.


shadow sessionname [/server:servername] [/v] [/?] shadow sessionID [/server:servername] [/v] [/?]


Identifies the name of the session. The name was created by the system administrator when the session was configured.
Specifies the ID of the session you want to shadow. Use query user to get a list of sessions and their IDs.
Specifies the Terminal Server to use. Otherwise, the current Terminal Server is used.
/v (verbose)
Displays information about the actions being performed.
/? (help)
Displays the syntax for this command and information about the command's options.

Security Restrictions

You must have Shadow access permission for the session you want to shadow.

SHADOW -- Additional Notes

Before shadowing begins, the server warns the user that the session will be shadowed and allows the user to confirm or deny shadowing, unless this warning is disabled. Use Terminal Server Connection Configuration and User Manager for Domains to configure shadowing for users and sessions. The shadowing session must be capable of supporting the video resolution used at the shadowed session. Otherwise, the operation fails. You cannot shadow the system console from another session, and you cannot shadow other sessions from the system console. Press CTRL+* (or whatever hotkey you define) to terminate shadowing..

SHADOW -- Examples

To shadow session 93, type:
Shadow 93
To shadow the session ACCTG01, type:
Shadow ACCTG01
NOTE: Shadowing is not currently supported with the Windows Terminal Server 4.0 client. To use the Shadow function, you must use the Citrix ICA Client and the Terminal Server add-on from Citrix called Metaframe. If you attempt to shadow a session without the ICA Client and Metaframe, you will receive the following error:

Shadow failed. Error code 50. Error [50]: The network request is not supported.

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