Error 204: Terminal Server Client TCP Port error


When you try to connect to a Beta 2 Terminal Server using the Terminal Server Client, you may get a "Failure to connect: 204" error. The cause of this error is most likely that you are using a pre-Beta 2 version of the client. A change was made in Terminal Server so that it listens for traffic on port 3389, rather than on port 1503, as in pre-Beta 2 versions.


You can verify that this is the cause of your connection problem by capturing the network traffic with Network Monitor (included with Terminal Server) as you attempt to connect. After stopping the trace, the summary view screen will show the client attempting to connect. You should see the source port number (src:) and the destination port number (dst:3389) in the description field.

Uninstall any client versions prior to Beta 2, and install the new version.

If this is not the problem, the 204 error points to a TCP port problem. It means that the initial socket connection between the Terminal Server and the client could not be established. You might have a protocol problem on the client computer, particularly with Windows for Workgroups 3.11 clients. Be sure you are using the TCP/IP-32B version from the Clients subdirectory on the Terminal Server CD. For Windows 95 or Windows NT Clients, try reinstalling the TCP/IP protocol. Third, you could have a protocol problem on the Terminal Server. Reboot the server and then, if this doesn't resolve the problem, reinstall the TCP/IP protocol on the server.

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