Virtual Globe: Administrator Rights Needed on NT-Based Computer


If you attempt to install Microsoft Encarta Virtual Globe on a Microsoft
Windows NT-based computer, you may receive one of the following error

You must be an Administrator to install Encarta Virtual Globe 99
on this computer.
Encarta Virtual Globe 1998 Edition requires Administrator privileges to
install. Please log on to this machine using an account with administrator
privileges, then restart Setup. Setup will now exit.
When you attempt to start Encarta Virtual Globe on a Windows NT-based
computer, Dr. Watson may start and you may receive a message stating that
an application error has occurred and an application error log is being


This behavior can occur if you do not have Administrator rights on
the Windows NT-based computer.


To resolve this issue, log off the computer, and then log on to the
computer as a user with Administrator rights.


Encarta Virtual Globe 99 modifies the registry when starting. As a result,
you must be an Administrator to start Encarta Virtual Globe 99 on a Windows
NT-based computer.

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