Natural Keyboard Elite Does Not Function on Toshiba Laptops


When you use a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite connected to the PS/2
port on one of the following Toshiba laptop computers, the keyboard may
not function properly:

  • Satellite 110C

  • Satellite Pro 400C

  • Tecra 720CDT

  • Tecra 500CDT


This behavior can occur because Plug and Play hardware detection on the
PS/2 port times out before the computer enumerates the keyboard.


To resolve this issue, use the Universal Serial Bus (USB) adapter included
with the keyboard to connect the Natural Keyboard Elite to the USB port on
the laptop computer, if one is available.

If a USB port is not available on the computer, contact the Microsoft
Order Desk at (800) 360-7561 to obtain a replacement keyboard. Be sure
to have your product identification (PID) number ready when you call.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite,version 1.0.

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