General Information About Using "Localhost" as Server Name

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Microsoft FrontPage defaults to using the DNS name in TCP/IP networking to identify a computer. If DNS is not active but it is bound to both TCP/IP and the Client for Microsoft Networks, FrontPage uses the information on the Identification tab in the Network Neighborhood Properties dialog box. If the Computer Name and Domain boxes are empty, FrontPage uses the values that TCP/IP stack returns.

If your system is not configured properly, "Default" will be used as the server name. If FrontPage does not recognize the host name for your computer, you can use localhostin place of the original host name.

More Information

Run the FrontPage TCP/IP test to verify the host name and IP address for your computer.

NOTE: The test should indicate that your computer is identified using the name "Localhost" and that the IP address is To run the TCP/IP test, follow these steps:

  1. In Windows Explorer, double-click Tcptest.exe. This file is installed in the following folder by default:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft FrontPage\bin
  2. Click Start Test.
If the test is successful, Yes appears in all of the boxes. If No appears in any of the boxes, then you either do not have full network connectivity, or you do not have a valid TCP/IP configuration.

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