Err Msg: 1326: Logon failure : Unknown Username or Bad Password

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If you are using a proxy array, your may receive the following error message if the proxy array is misconfigured:
1326 : Logon failure : unknown username or bad password


This error occurs under the following conditions:

  • The default Web site has Basic (Clear Text) enabled.(NTLM is not enabled.)
  • On the Web Proxy properties Routing tab, when you click the Advanced button, a valid administrator account is selected for all array members.
  • "Allow encrypted authentication (NT CR)" is selected.
  • Access Control on Web Proxy is enabled.
  • Your browser is configured to use one of the array members as a proxy server.
NOTE: If you are using the automatic configuration URL http://servername/ array.dll?Get.Routing.Script, then this article does not apply to you.

When you browse to an Internet site, you should be prompted with a Basic Authentication box. When you input a valid user name that exists in the proxy Access Control List for WWW and press <enter>, you will get the following error message:
1326 : Logon failure : unknown username or bad password


To work around this problem, perform the following steps:

  1. On one of the proxy array members, open the Web Proxy properties, click the Routing Tab, and then click the Advanced button.
  2. Input a valid administrator account to all proxy array members.
  3. Select "Allow basic/clear text authentication."
  4. Apply your changes.
The changes will be applied to all proxy array members.

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